Concrete Driveway Edmonton

McCormick General Construction takes concrete seriously. We are a leader in Edmonton and Area for the breakout, removal and replacement of concrete and newly poured concrete driveways at affordable price points for businesses and consumers. Our team is lead by years of experience and a journeyman concrete finisher to ensure the product is of quality is delivered in a timely manner.

Prior to pouring, we always ensure the ground is prepped and the rebar is closely spaced and properly positioned. In Edmonton driveways need a solid foundation to be poured on to ensure if there is expansion or contraction of the ground below there is a less likely chance of cracking. We use tampers to compact the ground below to ensure a solid compact foundation. When pouring a driveway, we always use concrete chairs to ensure that the rebar stays suspended to the middle of the slab thickness. Without this, the rebar will sink when the pour is being completed, thus causing the slab to become weaker and be susceptible to larger cracks. Once that is done, the rebar and ground are dampened to ensure a quality finished product. This helps build a long lasting product for all of our clients.

We have many different types of finishes for your concrete including stamped, exposed aggregate, broom finished concrete or a combination.

Broom finished Driveways are the standard choice in Edmonton and Area. Because of the  extremely harsh weather in the winter time broom finished driveways are cost effective and used throughout most commercial and residential applications.

Exposed aggregate driveways have been the choice for trend setting neighbourhoods in the Edmonton Area. The typical colours for exposed aggregate are brown and grey but McCormick can mix colour into the concrete to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind driveways.

Stamped Concrete Driveways are becoming more and more common in the Edmonton Area. Although it can be more difficult to shovel this type of finish, it can architecturally match the home, business, or landscape leaving home owners or buyers in awe.

Combining the finishes is a great way to showcase your driveway to the neighbourhood. Broom finished Driveways with exposed aggregate borders create an eloquent look for an affordable price. You can also combine any of the above mentioned finishes with one another to create an unmistakable look to your home or business.

Concrete saw cuts are provided for all exposed concrete and stamped finishes with appropriate spacing. Saw cuts can be completed with broom finishes but tool cuts are used more often.

Sealing your driveway or any exposed concrete is extremely important as your driveway is used often, it deteriorates. Your drive is exposed to, oil, coolant, washer fluid, brake fluid, extreme weather, grime, water, stains, etc. which can all be eliminated by proper coating. If you need help washing, sealing, or maintaining your concrete, McCormick can help you out.